The Italian Laura Rogora continues her 9a collection campaign and climbs The Bomb in the Italian climbing area of ​​Collepardo.

Laura Rogora is unstoppable. Since its ascent of Pure Dreaming Plus (9a +) and Underground (9a) In early June, the young Italian climbed several routes in the upper eighth degree of French. A few days ago, she managed a route on the ninth difficulty.

The Bomb (9a) and 8a + / 8b flash walk in one day

The most recent difficult ascent of the 19-year-old is the 9a route The bomb and improve at collepardothat Fabrizio Peri set up a few months ago. In addition to climbing The Bomb, Laura also manages a Flash inspection of Route Fine dei Giochi with a difficulty of 8a + / 8b.

Laura Rogora climbed her first 14a route at the age of 9.

Laura Rogora is one of the strongest climbers in the world and caused a sensation when she was 14 when she was XNUMX years old Grandi Gesti climbed her first 9a route. She was the second youngest person to climb a route in this degree red dot. In the current year, she regularly announces that difficult routes have been visited. Among other things, she managed to walk a 9a + route for the first time.

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Laura Rogora climbs 9a at the age of 14

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Credits: Cover picture Andrea Donato