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Sonnie Trotter wins 9a bet against Honnold and Caldwell

Sonnie Trotter repeats the 9a route Spirit Quest and wins the Gentlemen's Race against Honnold and Caldwell.

Aidan Roberts climbs two potential 9A boulders

Two new 9A boulders? Aidan Roberts was the first to climb two extremely hard boulders that have the potential to be of the highest difficulty.

David Bermúdez (14) climbs his second 9a route with Víctimas Pérez

9a to the second: The 14-year-old Spaniard David Bermúdez struck again and repeated in Margalef Víctimaz Pérez.

Samuel Ometz brings a new test piece to the St. Loup climbing area

New difficult route in St. Loup: The strong Valais native Samuel Ometz makes the first ascent of Avant demain (9a).

Through the ceiling: How Franco Cookson jumped from 7c+ straight to 9a

How British climber Franco Cookson managed to go from 7c+ straight to 9a in four years.

Ondra during the 9a onsight attempt: final stop for grip breakout

This video shows Adam Ondra making a solid 9a onsight attempt. But when the handle breaks, it comes to an abrupt end.

Adam Ondra repeats (hardest?) trad climbing route Bon Voyage E12 (9a)

Adam Ondra secures the first repeat of one of the most difficult trad climbing routes: Bon Voyage E12 (9a) near Annot, France.

From 6a to 9b in just seven years

Eder Lomba is one of the strongest climbers in the world. And yet the young Basque is not yet well known in the climbing scene. This is all the more astonishing given that he made the leap from difficulty level 6a to 9a in just six years.