A few days after the first ascent of the Gran Guggenheim route, the 44-year-old went one better and climbed an even more difficult exit variant, Guggenhell, which he rated 9a + / 9b. Here is the video of the heavily overhanging route.

It is permanently overhanging, in the first section even completely overhanging, around 50 meters long and contains numerous one- and two-finger holes and even a sequence with figure-of-four. The route is brutal, just like we were from Iker Pou know.

Iker Pou on the first ascent of Guggenhell. (Image Al Aire Films)
Iker Pou on the first ascent of Guggenhell. (Image Al Aire Films)

Only about a month ago the Spanish climber announced the first ascent of the 9a + route Gran Guggenheim in Mallorca and thus proved that he can still keep up at the highest level. Obviously Gran Guggenheim wasn't difficult enough for him to tackle a more difficult exit option. Has arisen Guggenhellwhich he was able to climb a few days ago. Iker says to LACRUX:

“There is an even more difficult variant, probably a 9b. But I'll try that on another occasion. At the moment I don't like sport climbing anymore, but concentrate on more alpine climbing projects. "

Iker Pou

Iker Pou - the one with the steel fingers

In 2000, Iker Pou climbed the world's most famous 9a route with Action Directe. To date, he has combined around 30 routes in the ninth French grade in his route book. Interestingly, the now 44-year-old scored most of the routes in the past five years.

Iker is known for his first ascents of heavily overhanging sport climbing routes that are peppered with one and two finger holes. In addition, he made himself together with his brother Eneke, under the pseudonym Hermanos Pou, a name in alpine climbing and big wall areas.

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Credits: Pictures Al Aire Films