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Who will be the first to crack Project Big in Flatanger?

Seb Bouin was recently on the Project Big route and now Jakob Schubert is in Norway. The race is on. Who wins?

Does Connor Herson make Empath (9a +) the most difficult trad climbing route in the world?

Empath (9a+) is a crazy granite tufa route in Kirkwood, California. In June 2021, Connor Herson secured the seventh ascent of Carlo Traversi's line. Recently the youngster has returned and has been climbing the line trad style. Does this make Empath the hardest trad route in the world?

Megos vs. Ghisolfi - so differently they climb bibliography

Why did Stefano Ghisolfi downgrade bibliography to 9b +? Is he just stronger than Alex Megos, or did he just find a better solution? We have analyzed.

William Bosi: First ascent of King Capella (9b +)

The 21-year-old Scotsman William Bosi manages the first ascent of the sport climbing route King Capella (9b +) in Siurana, Spain. If the difficulty level is confirmed, King...

Again Iker Pou: Guggenhell (9a + / 9b) first climbed

A few days after the first ascent of the Gran Guggenheim route, the 44-year-old goes one step further and climbs an even more difficult exit variant, Guggenhell, which he...

Is El Toro Salvaje the next 9c route?

Adam Ondra manages the first ascent of the El Potro route in Margalef, which he rates 9a. AND: He suspects a 9c line in the same sector.

Video: Sebastien Bouin repeated controversial Akira climbing route

In November 2020, Sébastien Bouin and Lucien Martinez climbed what is perhaps the most controversial route in climbing history: Akira in the climbing area Le Périgord, France. Following this article, there is now the video of the repetition of Seb Bouin.

Adam Ondra in absolute fight mode: Tierra de Nadie (9a)

Ondra more than lives up to his reputation for roaring loudly while climbing in this video. Take a look at the ascent of Tierra de Nadie now.