In the following video, the Norwegian Magnus Midtbo climbs the Armatron route in the Red Rocks free solo – accompanied by Alex Honnold.

The Norwegian climber Magnus Midtbo is known for his YouTube videos in which he constantly faces new challenges. Whether at the “most brutal military test”, the Deep water soloing over icy waters or a one-finger Guinness record, Midtbo always has new ideas and praises them with dramatic titles and pictures on Youtube. The result: hundreds of thousands of views.

The latest video on his channel made us sit up and take notice. He contacted the American professional climber Alex Honnoldto shoot a video with him while bouldering or sport climbing. That's Midtbo's naive idea. Alex Honnold wrote Midtbo the evening before the day of shooting, whether he wouldn't like to know the route Armatron in the Red Rocks to climb free solo.

"The evening before the day of shooting, Alex suggested climbing a route free solo."

And then everything happened pretty quickly. Does Midtbo climb the entire tour or does he climb back to the base of the wall out of fear? Is he completely blocked or does he climb solidly through the wall?

Magnus Midtbo takes on the free solo challenge with Alex Honnold

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Credits: Cover picture Magnus Midtbo