On Sunday afternoon, a mountain accident occurred on the Eiger. A climber had crashed on the climb to the summit and could only be recovered dead. Investigations to clarify the accident were included.

The report on a mountain accident on the Eiger in Grindelwald reached the cantonal police Bern on Sunday, 24. February 2019, shortly after 13.30 clock. According to current knowledge, two climbers in the north wall were on the ascent to the summit, as one of them in the area ramp / waterfall chimney fell into the rope for reasons to be clarified.

The deployed forces, including a Rega crew, were able to quickly locate the casualty. However, the rescue work was difficult due to the demanding terrain. When two rescue specialists from Alpine Rescue Switzerland finally reached the casualty's location, they could only save the man dead. The deceased is an 28-year-old German living in the canton of Bern. The second climber could be recovered unhurt.

The cantonal police of Berne have started investigations to clarify the exact course of the accident.

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Credits: Regional prosecutor Oberland (je), cover picture CC BY-SA 3.0


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