Some AUSTRIALPIN UNIVERSAL snap karabiners were falsely marked with a false certification. There are no security restrictions. Nevertheless, Austrialpin has decided to recall the products listed below.

Snap karabiners with the article number KZ01A and KZ01B have been wrongly marked with the EN362-B certification. However, only carabiners with a lock safety device can be EN362-B certified (eg screw cap, Autolock, etc.). Therefore, Austrialpin has decided to recall the above UNIVERSAL snap carabiners.

Since it is only an incorrect mark, there are no security restrictions. The carabiners hold according to Austrialpin the specified values.

Wrongly labeled snap carabiner
Correctly labeled screw-in carabiner

So you have to proceed according to Austrialpin

If your universal snap carabiner has the yellow framed EN362-B marking shown above, we will be happy to exchange it for you with a replacement carabiner. However, it is not possible to exchange it for the same universal snap hook, as it is no longer in production. 

The exact procedure

  • Fill out the return form on the last page with your replacement carabiner request and send it to us together with the recalled Universal snap-in carabiner.
  • The postage please take over, as a postage cost you receive from us the replacement carabiner chosen by you in the return form twice.
  • After receiving the package, we will send you the new carabiners as soon as possible to the address you specify.

Contact: AUSTRIALPIN GmbH, "UNIVERSAL", industrial zone C2A, A-6166 Fulpme

We strive for an exchange as soon as possible. If you are unsure whether your carabiner is affected, you can email us a photo in advance [email protected] Send. We apologize for the circumstances and ask for your understanding and help!

Download return form


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