Vorarlberg's Barbara Zangerl has successfully climbed her fourth big-wall route in Yosemite: Pre-Muir Wall (VI 5.13c / d).

Originally drove Babsi Zangerl together with her partner Jacopo Larcher into the Yosemite Valley to climb the most famous Big Wall route in the world: The nose, In the beginning, however, the bad weather stymied them and even then important key points remained wet. So the two moved out to other areas, now returned to Yosemite Valley Back and started on alternative routes. One of them Pre-Muir Wall.

“It's not the nose, but maybe even better. Jacopo and I chose the Pre-Muir Wall as plan D. "

Babsi Zangerl
Babsi Zangerl in the key lenght of the Pre-Muir Wall in the Yosemite Valley. (Picture Jacopo Larcher)

As is so often the case with the two of them, a joint ascent was planned, which means that both of them would climb freely. Jacopo However, the key length in the intersection was denied after several attempts. His hands hurt too much from the bursting blisters he had from many pruning.

"Except for the length of the intersection, Jacopo has cruised through all pitches. With his battered hands, he fell in the very last tough sequence. Since we were running out of time, Jacopo decided to support me in the free ascent and climbed with me until I got off the tour. "

Babsi send over the missed team
The intersection climbing has left its mark on the hands of Jacopo Larcher. (Picture Jacopo Larcher)

Babsi Zangerl with impressive Yosemite ticklist

Babsi is after Hazel Findlay the second woman and third person ever who succeeds in the commission of Pre-Muir Wall (VI 5.13c / d). The route is Babsi's fourth big-wall tour in the Yosemite Valley and makes her ticklist in the California National Park all the more impressive. So far you get the tours El Niño, Zodiac and Magic Mushroom.

One of the strongest climbers in the world

Babsi Zangerl is one of the strongest climbers in the world. What makes them special is their versatility. In addition to alpine multi-pitches like Silbergeier or Odyssey and traditional routes like Gondo crack (8c) - as mentioned above - she also managed numerous ascents of difficult big wall routes in Yosemite Valley. In spring 2018 she also scored the 9a-Route Speed ​​Intégrale in the eastern Swiss sport climbing area Voralpsee (LACRUX reported).

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Credits: Cover picture Jacopo Larcher


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