Beal has received a lot of feedback about broken handles on the Birdie belay device. For this reason, Beal calls for a review of the device.

In very rare cases the handle of the belay device Birdie shows some play, i.e. it wobbles slightly. This can cause an extraordinary force to act on the lever and cause it to break. It is important to note that the safety device also blocks in the event of the safety handle breaking. The braking effect is not affected by the handle. There is therefore no risk of falling.

However, if the brake handle of the device breaks, the climbing person can only be lowered under difficult circumstances. In this case, the belay device Birdie must be relieved without a handle.

In order to avoid any risk, Beal calls for a check of the belay device Birdie. The following models are affected:

BIRDIE (first generation), serial numbers: 05/19, 07/19, 08/19, 10/19, 11/19, 12/19

This is how you test the Beal Birdie belay device

Use a 1 euro coin or a 3mm Allen key to perform the following test.

In case of doubt, Beal Customer Service can be contacted as follows:

By email at [email protected] or by phone at +33 4 74 78 88 88. The following information is required for clarification:

  • First name Last Name
  • Phone number
  • Find Us Here
  • E-mail address
  • Serial number of the belay device

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