The Swiss professional climber Cédric Lachat succeeds in the first ascent of his mega project At Home Cornus (9a +) in Vercors, France. For the 38-year-old, it is the ninth 9a+ route in his climbing career.

Cédric Lachat is one of the most successful former competition climbers in Switzerland. In recent years, he has drawn attention to himself with his ascent of the most difficult multi-pitch routes. At the same time, however, he has repeatedly set the tone in sport climbing. As recently in the French climbing area Vercors, where him the first ascent of At Home Cornus (9a+) succeeded.

At Home Cornus: New test piece in Vercors

The of Romain Gendey Established in 2015, this line is not far from Cédric Lachat's home. The crux of At Home Cornus follows after the first 15 meters in grade 8a, is technical and requires body tension and finger strength.

"The difficulty is climbing what comes after (a boulder traverse up to a large scale) while saving enough strength for the last pulls on ledges," explains Cédric Lachat.

Cédric Lachat in the upper crux of At Home Cornus (9a+)

"After a whole series of attempts, I finally made the first ascent of At Home Cornus - the project close to where I live that was so close to my heart."

Cédric Lachat

His first ascent At Home Cornus (9a +) is one of the most difficult routes in Vercors alongside Sweet Neuf (9a +) and should become the new test piece of the area.

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