French-speaking Switzerland's Cédric Lachat manages the red dot ascent of the multi-pitch tour Wogü (8c, 9 SL) in the Rätikon and thus another milestone in his film project Swissway to Heaven.

Drove in early June Cédric Lachat, his ex-girlfriend Nina Caprez and a film team in Graubünden Rätikon. The goal was to walk along the difficult multi-pitch route Wogu the production of a video about the process of designing.

Cédric Lachat: Nina is the best backup partner in the world

The Wogü climbing route resisted an ascent for 12 years

The route Wogü is one of the most difficult multi-pitch tours in the Alps and was developed by Beat Kammerlander furnished from below. The route is waiting in the Kammerlander manner with wide runouts and difficult, obligatory places for repeaters. Beat Kammerlander himself was unable to climb the route red dot. It took a full twelve years to climb the route freely. It did this Adam Ondra, accompanied by Pietro dal Prà.

The route begins with a 6c and 7a length and then consists of 7 pitches in the upper seventh and eighth French degrees (details in the topo below).

The route Wogü is located at the 7th Kirchlispitze in the Rätikon. (Image

Red dot inspection for Cédric, Nina continues to project

Only a month later, with weather-related interruptions, Cédric and Nina the red dot ascent Cédric. For her part, Nina continues to project the route. At the moment the two are blocked on a rock band and wait until the pouring rain stops and the rock dries.

Cédric Lachat: C'est fini!

Another component of the film project Swissway to Heaven for Cédric Lachat

Wogü is one of the routes that Cédric Lachat climbs as part of a larger film project. Last year he launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the project "Swissway to Heaven". The film accompanies the French-speaking Swiss on difficult multi-pitch tours in the Swiss Alps. Cédric has already successfully climbed:

Cédric Lachat has already started planning and filming the route Odyssey on the Eiger. The weather, however, put a spanner in the works, which is why he was initially denied access to the red dot.

Topo of the route Wogü in the Rätikon. (Source

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Credits: Cover picture Nina Caprez