With the Capitan Helmet Kids, Black Diamond has launched a children's helmet that is certified for both climbing and cycling. A double benefit for parents who are enthusiastic about the outdoors: the offspring are fully protected in both sports and you only have to buy a helmet.

Outdoor experiences with the family can quickly escalate into a material battle. Products that make life easier, such as the Captain Kids Helmet from Black Diamond. This children's helmet is certified for both climbing and cycling impact forces. Spoiler: The delivery includes a sticker set with which the little ones can personalize their head protection.

Black Diamond Captain Helmet for children

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Dual certified for climbing and cycling

Children's helmets from the Capitan series are constructed in two parts like the adult line. They consist of an ABS hard shell and dual-density EPS composite foam, which meets the increased UIAA requirements for the side impact standard.

The EPS composite foam is deliberately pulled far down on the sides and back. This construction ensures that the helmet fits snugly on the head. So the children are well protected if they hit the side or fall on the back of their head. A special foam insert on the inside protects the head in the event of a stone impact, for example, by reducing the impact force.

With or without MIPS technology

Black Diamond Captain Helmets for kids is available with and without MIPS technology. This mechanism, known as the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, is already well established in the ski and mountain bike industry and ensures that the brain is better protected in the event of an oblique impact.

And this is how it works: A low-friction plastic shell is attached to the EPS shell of the helmet. The stretchable brackets ensure that the helmet shell can move 10 to 15 millimeters in all directions. In the event of a fall or impact, for example, it can reduce the rotational energy that is so damaging to the brain.

Air vents and headlamp clips

In the Capitan Kids Helmet, generous ventilation openings ensure sufficient air supply in warm temperatures. With the integrated headlamp clips and the elastic clip on the back, the lighting for nighttime adventures can be attached in a few simple steps. The fit of the slim fastening system can be easily adjusted.

A sticker set is included as a small but not to be underestimated supplement. In this way, the children can customize their climbing and cycling helmets.

Black Diamond Capitan children's helmet
Black Diamond Capitan kids helmet with MIPS technology

Black Diamond Capitan Helmet Kids at a glance:

  • Dual certified for climbing and cycling
  • With sticker set for an individual design
  • Dual-density EPS and two-piece ABS shell construction for ultimate durability
  • Increased protection on the side and back
  • Light and comfortable fastening system
  • Integrated headlamp clips
  • Removable padding with Velcro
  • Size: 49 - 57 cm

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