Summer is here and thus the time for multi-pitched tours. In this article, we introduce you to the backpack Rock Blitz 15 by Black Diamond, in which you can pack all the necessities for a multi-hour climbing adventure in the vertical.

If you are considering an alpine tour, you have to ask yourself some important questions: Do I need some shoes for the descent? Do both climbers take a cell phone with them? How much food do I carry through the wall? And the most important question: Do I take a backpack or do I completely renounce it?

The last question is often superfluous very quickly. If you are in the wall for a long time, you need a lot of food, drinking water and even rain protection in case of precipitation. At least one backpack for the rope crew must therefore usually with.

Minimalistic and well thought-out - the Rock Blitz 15 by Black Diamond

No waist belt, cut too wide, too thin and thus incisive shoulder straps or too many attachment options, with which one gets stuck on the rock. The list of disadvantages when choosing a backpack for multi-pitch tours is great. So it's all the more gratifying that the Black Diamond Rock Blitz 15 masters all these points with flying colors:

  • He is slim cut
  • The shoulder straps are padded
  • The hip belt is height adjustable, so it can be worn above the climbing harness.
  • The rope can be placed over the backpack and fixed
  • An external side pocket can be reached without removing the backpack
  • The Rock Blitz 15 can be opened at lightning speed (see the end of the video)

Video about the backpack Rock Blitz 15 in action

product details

Volume:  15 L
Total weight:  403 g
Materials:  840 D nylon

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Credits: Artwork Black Diamond

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