Shortly before his 41st birthday, Chris Sharma manages the onsight ascent of Route V for Vendetta (8c) in Siurana. The last ascent of the Spaniard by choice at this level was 13 years ago.

Chris Sharma is one of the greats in climbing and that is no coincidence. Since winning the US Bouldering Championships at the tender age of fourteen, he has continually climbed the most difficult routes, pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible. With his recent onsight inspection of V for Vendetta (8c) in siurana shows Chris Sharma he's still got it.

Video: Chris Sharma climbs V for Vendetta (8c) onsight

Chris Sharma writes about his ascent: “Last Friday I was lucky in Siurana and I was able to onsight V for Vendetta (8c) and that in freezing cold wind. It's been a long time - around 13 years - since I've been able to onsight climb something of this difficulty. I am thankful for these unexpected magical days.”

The main routes of Chris Sharma

The Californian, born in 1981, has repeatedly climbed the most difficult routes for the first time for almost 20 years and has thus written climbing history. Below is a non-exhaustive list of his most important ascents:

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Credits: cover photo and video Ricardo Giancola