Does it bother you too if there is rubbish lying around in parking lots, access routes or on the rocks? Then take part in the Clean Up Day Frankenjura 27 on May 2022th, organized by Rockstore Betzenstein and

The climbing community wants to set an example and work together for a clean "Franconian". It doesn't matter whether the rubbish comes from like-minded people or from cyclists, hikers, walkers or other visitors to the Franconian.

It's about freeing nature from everything that doesn't belong there, showing attitude and living this every other day. So that we can all enjoy our precious time in nature.

clean up day poster

Participation is very easy

Everyone who is out and about in the Fränkische on May 27th is on the mission to collect rubbish on that day - at the parking lot and by the wayside, in the forest and in the climbing area. You can drop off your rubbish bags from 17 p.m. in Betzenstein at the Rockstore.

There, all helpers will receive a thank-you package with a climbing scene brush, a T-shirt and an Ortovox chalk bag including a first-aid kit and will automatically take part in the prize draw.

If you want, you can pick up garbage bags (washable bags from Deuter) and a climbing scene brush to clean chalky grips and tick marks free of charge from 10 a.m. at the Rockstore Frankenjura. As befits a Franconian festival, the grill will be fueled up from 18 p.m., of course with good local food. 

Clean up Day at a glance

  • Date: Friday 27 May 2022
  • Procedure: Climb and collect during the day; from 18 p.m. barbecue; until 19 p.m. acceptance of the garbage bags and from 30 p.m. raffle. Afterwards we crouch comfortably together at the IG festival
  • Organizer: Rockstore Frankenjura & climbing
  • Powered by: Black Diamond, Ortovox, The North Face, Petzl, Rab, Lowe Alpine, DMM Wales, Ocun, Scarpa, Looking for Wild, Wild Country, Captain Crux, La Sportiva, Kletterretter

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