British climber Angus Kille is known for committing heavy Trad routes. In the film by White Van Media, Angus tells how a British athlete breaks through the small holes in Güllich's routes, beer and apple pie in the climbing routine.

Sooner or later, many top athletes set off for what is probably the most famous climbing area in Germany, the Frankenjura. So did the British Angus Kille. A trip in March 2017 was followed by a second stay, accompanied by a film team. It was a kind of revenge on the Frankenjura, because Angus Kille felt ripped off by the Frankenjura. The type of climbing bothered him so much that he could hardly climb a route that was difficult by his definition. So he came back in November, met Alex Megos in a bouldering hall and, to his astonishment, climbed some classic and difficult routes. For example the two 8a + routes Center Court (FA Güllich 1987) and Slimline (FA Güllich 1991) and the two 8b + routes Torment yourself, you pig (FA Cron 2001) and disaster (FA Eichhorn 1990). The conclusion of the likeable Briton: "Frankenjura is hot, varied and great!"

Film about Angus Kille in Frankenjura

Credits: picture White Van Media

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