Alex Megos successfully climbed the Boulder Upgrade U. The line rated 8c is probably the most difficult in the Franconian Jura climbing area. More in the video.

Alex Megos been since the strict Corona- Restrictions are already out of Germany again, but he is currently often in the Frankenjura at the beginning. Among other things, he invested a considerable number of days in the first ascent of an old bouldering project: Upgrade U.

Discovered 20 years ago

The Boulder Upgrade U was discovered around 20 years ago and has resisted inspection since then. This despite the fact that numerous strong boys (and girls?) Tried it. Also Alex Megos couldn’t get the boulder to walk so quickly. The German invested at least 10 days, changed his beta several times and worked on small details until the first ascent worked.

Bouldering is such a stupid sport!

Alexander Megos.

After the successful top, Alex runs down from the block and says to his counterpart in the camera: “You need ten days to climb the block, from which you can then run down in three seconds. Bouldering is such a stupid sport. "

Alexander Megos on inspecting the upgrade U (8c) boulder in the Franconian Jura

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Credits: Cover picture Alexander Megos

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