If you are looking for a water bottle that can be reused several times and that is guaranteed to be free from harmful substances, you will be happy with Klean Kanteen's Classic Reflect. There is the drinking bottle in a single-walled and double-walled and therefore insulated version.

Fortunately, the problem of plastic waste is an omnipresent topic. Nearly one million bottles of plastic bottles are sold worldwide per minute. Here are some more startling facts that National Geographic has listed on their website:

  1. 73% of world waste on beaches is made of plastic
  2. The worldwide Plastic production is of 2,1 million tons for the year 1950 on 406 million tons in the year 2015 increased.
  3. In the year 2050 becomes practical every seabird species in the world eat plastic.
  4. More than 40 percent of all plastics is used only once and then thrown away.

It's time to change something, do not you think? Regularly at the petrol station shop, in the shop at the train station or at the nearest kiosk to buy a short bottle of drinking water before going into the climbing area should be reduced to a minimum. Add to that that in our latitudes the tap water of very high quality and buying bottled water is not necessary. But we come to the solution.

Made of three materials

Remedy for reusable bottles. In the search for the perfect candidate, we are on the aforementioned Classic Reflect by Klean Kanteen encountered. It is made of pure stainless steel and sustainably harvested bamboo. Thanks to its polished inside, it does not taste and does not give off any taste in the water.

The Classic Reflect is completely free of paint, ink, coatings and plastic. The only downer - and it is manageable - is a thin silicone ring to seal the lid. But it hardly comes into contact with your valuable content.

Practically to clean

Reusable bottles made of stainless steel appeared many years ago. These were usually coated on the inside and their mouth opening was often very small. So cleaning tablets were needed to remove residues on the inside - for example from tea. The Classic Reflect has an extra-large mouth opening that allows cleaning with a kitchen brush. Voilà!

Thanks to the large opening, ice cubes also fit into the Classic Reflect. (Picture April Jones-Balahan)
Thanks to the large opening, ice cubes also fit into the Classic Reflect. (Picture April Jones-Balahan)


Another advantage of the drinking bottle of Klean Kanteen is her longevity. Recently, the bottle in Fontainebleau fell from a block on which we took a break. The bottle now has two bumps and scratches, but still performs its services without any restrictions, because it is stainless.

The Classic Reflect after the little incident. (Picture LACRUX)

The Classic Reflect by Klean Kanteen looks so pretty

Swiss customers join the Classic Reflect Bächli mountain sports in the online shop as well as in the respective branches, Customers from Germany and Austria find local dealers on the Website by Klean Kanteen.

Bottle Classic Reflect by Klean Kanteen
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Credits: Cover picture, Facts about plastic National Geographic

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