The American Dave Graham succeeds in the red point ascent of the Route First Ley (9a +) in Margalef.

Once again, it wasn't child's play for Dave graham. The legendary boulderer has recently been climbing ropes and planning routes at his (current) absolute limit.

The American needs a correspondingly long time and therefore sessions to clip the diversion of these routes. His latest coup is the red point ascent of First ley (9a +), an exit variant of the 9b route First Round First Minute.

I am super happy to have finally scored First Ley. Chris Sharma's route is so good. Ingenious movements and handles.

Dave graham

You could almost say that First Ley is just the first step, because Dave has set out to climb the 9b route First Round First Minute (FRFM). Immediately after visiting First Ley, he tried the last bouldering area of ​​the 9b tour.

Dave Graham on Route First Ley. (Image Andrew Pawlby)

From the diverter of the First Ley route, I tried the bouldering section of First Round First Minute and felt solid.

Dave graham

Parallel to FRFM, Dave also plans two more 9b's, namely La Capella and Furia de Jabali. The 39-year-old felt pretty good in these as well. So we can look forward to news from Spain.

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Credits: Pictures Andrew Pawlby