The Norwegian Thilo Schröter succeeds in the first ascent of the impressive Deep Water Solo Route Sjøslag (8c) in Flatanger.

It all started with a photo from the climbing and kayaking company Flatanger Adventure showing a beautiful rock formation on the coast of the island of Hestøya. As Thilo Schröter Seeing the picture, it was clear to him that he was in the area around Hestøya Flatanger want to visit.

I wrote to the guys at Flatanger Adventure and it quickly became clear that they were as motivated to explore the rocks on the coast as I was.

Thilo Schröter

And so Thilo and Flatanger Adventure went to the rocks by boat. The whole evening was cleaned and the first sequences bouldered.

The impressive rock bar on the coast of Norway. (Photo Marco Zanone)
The impressive rock bar on the coast of Norway. (Photo Marco Zanone)

It was an epic session and we were blown away by the fact that not only was it easy to climb over the water here, but that the place offers absolutely ingenious moves on the most ingenious rock.

Thilo Schröter

Thilo's focus was quickly on a particularly hard line that can be divided into two sections. The route begins with an 8a boulder problem at the foot of the wall and then turns into a sustained 8a / + route. After numerous attempts, Thilo managed to decipher the boulder, but the day was already well advanced. So it's time to make a serious attempt.

I made it through the bouldering section, but because I didn't look at and clean the upper section properly, I had to make do with a jump into the cool water.

Thilo Schröter

The next day, patience was required, because Thilo allowed himself a day of rest. On the day after the next and thus the last day of the trip, Thilo actually wanted to climb in another place and dedicate himself to this project. But he couldn't get the line on the coast that had already begun out of his head. And so it went back to the boat to the rock bar above the sea.

After he cleaned the upper part and looked at all the trains, the time had come for some dry exercises on the rope. Contrary to his first serious “go” from the first day, Thilo failed several times with a boulder problem.

Thilo cleaning the DWS route Sjøslag. (Photo Marco Zanone)
Thilo cleaning the DWS route Sjøslag. (Photo Marco Zanone)

At some point I managed the boulder again, pulled the rope off and gave it a try.

Thilo Schröter

Cleaning and checking out was worth it. Thilo completed the bouldering area one more time, did not let himself be shaken off the DWS route in the second section and thus opened the Deep Water Solo Route Sjøslag, rated 8c.

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Credits: Cover picture Marco Zanone

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