The Italian Stefano Ghisolfi manages the first repetition of the 9b + climbing route Change in Flatanger, Norway.

Two climbing trips to Norway and around a month of project planning came to an end today. Stefano Ghisolfi announces - to his own surprise - the red point ascent of at the beginning of his second trip Change (9b +).

The fight is over earlier than expected. The mental and physical challenge lasted more than a month and required two trips to the Hanselleren Cave. Today the fight ended in bloodbath.

Stefano Ghisolfi

The ascent of the route, which extends over 185 trains and 55 meters of climbing, took more than an hour. Change is the first climbing route in grade 9b +. The monstrous line was established in 2012 by Adam Ondra and she has been waiting for a repeat ever since.

Image Jesper Östlund

Only Stefano Ghisolfi and Adam Ondra have already climbed 9b + twice

In addition to Change, there are only a handful of sport climbing routes that are rated 9b +. These include the routes listed below. Not twice 9b + but 9b + and 9c only the German top climber climbed Alexander Megos.. In addition Perfecto Mundo recently the red point ascent of the line Bibliography (9c) in Céüse.

Flatanger is known for its impressive landscape. (Photo Sara Grippo)

The four 9b + of the world

  1. Change (9b +) in the Hanshelleren Cave (Flatanger). First ascended by Adam Ondra in October 2012. First repetition by Stefano Ghisolfi in September 2020.
  2. Perfecto Mundo (9b +) in the Racó de la Finestra sector (Margalef). First climbed by Alexander Megos in May 2018. First repetition by Stefano Ghisolfi in December 2018. Around a year later, Jakob Schubert secured the second repetition of the route.
  3. La Dura Dura (9b +). In the Contrafort de Rumbau sector (Oliana). The route was first committed by Adam Ondra in 2013. A month later, it was Chris Sharma who secured the first repetition of the line.
  4. Vasil Vasil (9b +) at Sloup in the Czech Republic. First ascended by Adam Ondra in 2013.

Stefano Ghisolfi with a completely different solution

Adam Ondra is known for not having the most silent climbing style. How differently Stefano and Adam climbed not only one key point and how much the solution of the two differ, becomes more than clear in the following video.

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Credits: Cover picture Sara Grippo