On July 21, 2022, Edu Marin secured the second free ascent of the legendary big wall route Eternal Flame at the Trango Towers in Pakistan. We spoke to Edu Marin about the route and the situation on site. So much in advance: next time he won't reveal where he's going.

While there is great joy at the success in Pakistan, Edu Marin also shows a certain displeasure with the situation there. Because there were numerous other climbers on site at the same time as him. Among other things, we asked him:

  • What went wrong with the first red dot attempt in 2020?
  • Which line did Edu end up climbing?
  • Was the constellation with the almost simultaneous red point attempt by Babsi and Jacopo problematic?
  • Edu is hungry for more. What can we expect?

Edu Marin in an interview about the ascent of Eternal Flame

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