We took a closer look at the two new headlamp models Swift RL and Bindi from Petzl and are impressed. While the Swift is ideal for sports climbing and alpine multi-pitch climbing, the Bindi is the perfect bouldering companion.

With the model Swift RL Petzl recently launched a headlamp on the market, which once again pushes the limits down and up. When weight down, at the power up. The Swift weighs just 100 grams, but shines in maximum operation with incredible 900 lumens.

900 lumens at 100 grams - the Swift RL model

The headlamp Swift RL Thanks to the combination of conical broad illumination and a bright point-oriented illumination at close range, it is always ideal. It is an equally faithful companion for boarding, mountaineering, trail running and ski touring.

Automatically controlled light output

Thanks to the Reactive Lighting technology fits the Swift RL the luminous power constantly to the current situation. A sensor measures the reflected light from the illuminated object and then selects the necessary luminous power. Looking at a map, a lot of light is thrown back. Accordingly, the dimmed Swift RL the brightness. If you look into the distance for orientation, then little light is reflected and the headlamp selects the maximum luminous power.

Thanks to the automatically controlled light output (reactive lighting) the Swift RL noticeably saves battery power. And with longer high or ski tours, every minute counts.

200 lumens at 35 grams - the Bindi model

One would think the 100 grams in the model Swift RL be little. But Petzl has another exciting model at the start: the compact and super lightweight Bindi, With her 35 gram, she is barely noticeable when wearing. Nevertheless, it brings the Bindi on a light output of 200 Lumen, making it ideal for the evening trail running or when driving home with the bike.

Perfect for night sessions in bouldering

We have the Headlamp Bindi from Petzl but at bouldering at dusk and during night sessions convinced. Even those who bring two or more headlamps to the block, who is glad for a light source, which donates light, where to look. This task is known to take the headlamp. Only a Nao or similar sized models are too bulky for this purpose. The bindi is just perfect. More than bright enough and so light that you do not notice them bouldering.

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