The American Jonathan Siegrist succeeds in the third redpoint ascent of the route, which was first set up by Chris Sharma Jumbo Love (9b) in Clark Mountain, California.

It was Chris Sharma who climbed the world's first 9b ten years ago, writing climbing history. Ethan Pringle, who already has 2007 along with Chris Sharma worked on the route, took several more years. Only 2015 29-year-old was able to record the route in his ticklist.

Third ascent, third American

It's not that only Americans tried the route. Also Alex Megos visit Clark Mountain a month ago. But the almost eighty-meter-long route resisted the Germans. More success now Jonathan Siegrist, The third ascent of the 9b mega-route in California is thus back on the account of an American. This has hardly to do with the fact that the Americans are stronger than other athletes, but with the accessibility of the route. The huge roof is located far from any civilization and requires a long walk from its contenders.

Jonathan Siegrist's dream comes true

After the commission of Jumbo Love (9b) Jonathan Siegrist writes next to a picture on Instagram simply “Something like a dream….” How Jonathan Siegrist told the publisher Bigstone Publishing, go along Jumbo Love a long-cherished dream come true. For the first time in the route he was in the year 2016. At that time, the route had been far too hard for him and he had never thought to score the route once. He certainly had a spark of hope, because this year he returned. Since then, Jonathan 12 has been investing days and around 25 trials in the route, until he made it to the via two weeks ago.

Credits: picture Bearcam Media

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