The young Italian Laura Rogora is the first woman to climb a route with a difficulty level of 9b / +. She succeeded with the Erebor line at Eremo di San Paolo, Italy.

Laura Rogora writes another chapter in climbing history. A woman has never succeeded in red dot ascent of a route with grade 9b / +. So far the limit was 9b. Only the Austrian broke this grade Angy Eiter with La Planta de Shiva (2017) and Madame Ching (2020) and the French Julia Chanourdie with Eagle 4 in Saint Léger du Ventoux (2020). Laura Rogora herself also climbed 2020b in July 9 when she did the red point ascent of Ali Hulk Extension Total Sit Start succeeded.

"It was an honor to do the first iteration of the most difficult route in Italy."

Laura Rogora

Well over ten routes in the ninth French degree

The 20 year old Italian Laura Rogora is currently one of the strongest women in the world. It already combines well over ten routes in the ninth degree of French in its ticklist, including the three 9a + routes Pure Dreaming Plus, The Bow and Terapia d'Urto.

When does Laura Rogora climb 9c?

Stefano Ghisolfi, who set up the Erebor route together with Severino Scassa, recommended Laura Rogora after her 9b / + announcement to take the route Bibliography to look at and to plan seriously.

I can only tell you, bibliography isn't that much more difficult. If you haven't booked your vacation for 2022 yet, then take my advice to heart.

Stefano Ghisolfi

The route bibliography was published by Alexander Megos. first entered and rated 9c. In August of this year, Ghisolfi succeeded in repeating the route, but downgraded it to 9b +. For Laura Rogora, bibliography would be another milestone in her career. However, Rogora will hardly score points that quickly, because the climbing season in Céüse is coming to an end.

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