Laura Rogora has only been back in her home country for a few days and she is already reporting her first success on the rock. You manage the first ascent of the Iron Man route. She suggests a level of difficulty of 9a.

2021 was probably the young Italian's most intense competition year. A victory at the IFSC World Cup in Chamonix, an Olympic participation in Tokyo and a bronze medal at the World Championships in Moscow are among the highlights of the season. With all the joy of the results, a certain tiredness creeps in towards the end of the season. The regular trips, the intensive competition training, the mental tension - all factors that pull at the energy reserves. And so she drove to the rock, hardly at home.

"After a long season I am finally back in my home country and went climbing yesterday morning."

Together with her compatriot Stefano Ghisolfi she visited the climbing area Bus de Vela at Arco to find out more about the route Iron Man to try. The attempt did not last long, however, Rogora succeeded in the first ascent of the route. She suggests 9a as the degree of difficulty for the boulder-heavy line, but adds a question mark to the rating. Maybe because Stefano Ghisolfi was present and the route could soon be devalued?

14 routes in the 9th French degree

With the ascent of Iron Man, the number of routes in the ninth French grade in Rogora's ticklist increases to a total of 14. The most difficult ascents are included Terapia d'Urto (9a +), The Bow (9a +), Pure Dreaming Plus (9a +) as well as the 9b route Ali Hulk Extension Total Sit Start. The sport climbing season in Arco has only just started, so we can look forward to more reports from the young Italian.

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Credits: Cover picture Stefano Ghisolfi