As part of our series of articles on the subject of micro-adventures, Daniel Zuberbühler and Pascal Haltiner from Fajro will show you what a micro-adventure takes and present ideas for excursions. In today's and thus the last post of the series of articles, the two try to get from the highest to the lowest point - no matter what obstacle they face. Can you do it? Can you do it

A contribution by Daniel Zuberbühler and Pascal Haltiner from Fajro - with the support of Seat to Summit

We used the wonderful snowfall at the beginning of the year as a hook to now also deny the last micro-adventure of our series. Finally, we have chosen something that everyone can do, be it alone, with friends or with the whole family. True to the motto: The next adventure begins right on your doorstep!

Change of perspective.

Cross-country works best when there is plenty of snow

As with all micro-adventures, it starts with an idea (and hey, having an idea doesn't mean reinventing the world). For a long time now, we have wanted to walk the route from the highest to the lowest point in the city of St. Gallen in a straight line. And when the landscape is covered in snow for the first time, the property boundaries and fences disappear so that you can move across fields in a straight line.

The route can be plotted on the federal geoportal.

To plan the tour we used the Geoportal of the federal government connected the highest with the lowest point. The highest point in the city of St. Gallen is on the border with the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, on the Birt (1075m). The lowest point is in the ravine of the Goldach, not far from the Martinsbrücke (496m). And the two points are pretty close to each other and are only 4.5km away.

height profile

Rapidly along the beeline with the Swiss-Bob

For the little adventure, we decided not to just go on foot, but to take a Swiss bob with us, so that we could sledge the route wherever it was steep enough. As an exception, Pascal's dog accompanied us on this little adventure.

And so we met earlier in the morning at the highest point and plowed our way through the wonderful amounts of snow with childlike joy. In the beginning it was difficult to use the bobsleigh because there was simply too much snow, but with every meter deeper it got more comfortable and sometimes we were able to zoom along the line drawn on the map at a rapid pace.

Of course, it was not always possible to stay 100% on the line - but it would of course also be an additional challenge to actually cross a house that is on the way and thus to enter into a dialogue with the people who live there.

Discover unknown terrain on your own doorstep and animal tracks

On our hike and toboggan ride we repeatedly crossed streets and also a railway line. Particularly when such an adventure is undertaken with children, caution is therefore required. The nice thing about the whole thing is that you can explore your familiar surroundings from a completely different perspective and pass places where you have never been before.

And when you find round, clear-cut places - you've just discovered the deer bedroom. Because deer always scrape away the snow first before they lie down. 

Past the roe deer.

A fondue at the end

At the very end we didn’t miss the wonderfully snow-covered brook landscape, ours Sigma pan set and unpack a stove and end our little adventure with a tasty fondue. If the route, like ours, is ideally located, then the next public transport connection is not far away and so we were able to take a leisurely stroll to the post bus and return to our familiar surroundings. 

So and now for the last time - it's your turn. Get out there - turn your perimeter into an adventure playground. Alone, with friends or with the whole family. If you prefer to be organized - we have a few Offers for you in 2021. Enjoy the time and see you soon, somewhere in nature.

Do you want more micro-adventures?

Fajro specializes in experiential pedagogy and action-oriented learning, nature coaching, accompanying development processes and jointly exploring new paths. We are outside and make use of nature as a living space of experience.

When we speak of micro-adventures at Fajro, we mean the pleasurable and playful immersion in nature. An immersion that will sooner or later take everyone, young or old, out of their daily grind - into a world full of voyages of discovery and deceleration.

Micro-adventures should open up the little wonders that are often unseen on the doorstep and inspire individuals and families to go outside. Having time for yourself, with friends or for family is almost as valuable as gold in our current reality and if you don't have enough time for big adventures, then you should just make it smaller. With this series of articles we would like to invite you people to brave the outdoors and immerse yourself in many micro-adventures.