The climber Nemuel Feurle is the least known. But that will change soon. The only 16 yearling committed on 30. March 2018 one of the most famous Trad routes: Principle hope (8b / +; E9 / 10) on the Bürser plate.

“At 8.39 in the morning I clipped the top sling of the route - overjoyed and proud at the same time Principle hope“, Writes Nemuel Feurle shortly after his visit on his website. The inspection was preceded by a few days of project planning in top rope and only four clean attempts. The climbing career of 16-year-old Nemuel Feurle from Voralberg is also relatively short. The whiz started climbing only five years ago. We asked Nemuel a few questions on the day he visited.

When did you start to plan the route and how many attempts on how many days did you estimate to invest?
At the beginning of February 2018 I started to plan the route I invested about 10 days in Toprope. I managed to get through the crossover on the fourth clean trial spread over four days.

Why did you decide to plan this route exactly?
The videos of Barbara Zangerl, Jacopo Larcher and Beat Kammerlander motivated me to climb the route once. I really wanted to make this route, because it's just a perfect line and that too clean. I have never climbed clean before this route, so it was a very special project for me.

Who gave you information about the route and supported you?
Jacopo Larcher gave me his list of mobile backup devices that he put back then. That helped me a lot.

Nemuel Feurle in the commission of Principle Hope
Nemuel Feurle in the commission of Principle Hope

What are the most difficult or unusual routes / boulders? Principle hope climbed?
The hardest route I've ever climbed is harvest time (8c). Bouldering is my toughest ascent Mona Lisa (8a).

What is your favorite area?
Although I was once in Rätikon, but I like the area very well.

Have you already considered a next project?
Next, I would like to score heavy multi-rope routes in Rätikon, especially silver vulture.

As far as we have that in mind, you are the youngest person who Principle hope spotted. Right?
Yes, as far as I know, my ascent was the seventh ascent and I climbed the youngest of them so far.

Video about the celebration of Nemuel Feuerle

The video of the first effort Beat Kammerlander

Babsi also inspired Nemuel Feurle

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