On Wednesday a child had an accident in the O'Bloc climbing hall in Ostermundigen near Bern. The boy was seriously injured in a fall and was taken to hospital, where he finally died. The investigation into the events is ongoing.

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at around 16.25:XNUMX p.m., the Bern canton police were reported that a child had had an accident in the O'Bloc climbing hall in Ostermundigen. According to initial findings, a boy fell to the ground from a height of several meters for reasons that still had to be clarified. He was immediately looked after by first aiders and then given medical care on site by the emergency services that were immediately deployed. As a result, the boy was taken to the hospital by the ambulance team. Despite the rescue measures, he later succumbed to his serious injuries there.

“We are very shocked. The incident affects us deeply, ”says managing director Sandro Niklaus to the news portal 20 Minuten. "In the team you feel a great powerlessness, at the same time also deep sadness." Apparently the first all-clear for the climbing hall has already been given by the police. The police have ruled out any deficiencies in the infrastructure.

The Cantonal Police of Bern, under the direction of the Regional Public Prosecutor's Office Bern-Mittelland, have started investigations to clarify the circumstances and circumstances of the events.

"According to the police, it wasn't because of the infrastructure."


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