In the years 2017 / 2018 two new multi-pitch tours were created left of the Fair Hands line at the Grimsel Handegg. The routes Silvan Schüpbach has set up with the support of other people from his environment.

The Bernese Oberland is richer by two Trad multi-pitch rides. If you want to climb in a sea of ​​granite, you will find two new routes at the Grimsel Handegg. The stalls of the two routes are equipped with stainless steel drills for abseiling. Most of the routes themselves must be secured. Details can be found in the following topo by Silvan Schüpbach.

Topo-Grimsel Handegg --- DownloadSilvan Schüpbach describes the new lines as follows:

“While looking for clean routes, I came across this small sector to the left of the Fair Hands Line. Many beautiful cracks offer space for wedges and friends. The wall stays in the shade until about 14:00 p.m. and is therefore a pleasant place even in summer. With the Cool Foot Line I still had to use a few bolts as an intermediate backup, especially in the upper part. The stands are set up for abseiling. At the end you come to the Fair Hands Line booth. Actually, I wanted to continue on the route, but the risk is too great that climbers of the Fair Hands Line will get into this route. So if you want to continue climbing, you can get out of the Fair Hands. "

The Grimsel-Handegg --- Overview
The granite sea at the Grimsel Handegg


In-the-route-Cool-foot line-an-der-Grimsel Handegg
Perfect placements in the Route Cool Foot Line


Cool-Foot-Line --- climbing route-an-der-Grimsel Handegg

3 replies to "New climbing routes at the Grimsel Handegg"

  1. Hallo,
    I just bought the clean climbing guide. Great is that!
    Small mistake: I think on page 220 should be the route 4. not Fair Hands Line, right?
    Big mistake: The tricam on S.36 spits out as fast as it was laid under load, right?
    An oldschool bigwaller

    1. Hi Urs

      Absolutely right! We also noticed that we have a goat in there. We are sorry. That somehow happened between us, layout and translation. I'm referring only to the route name. The tricam fits in with our opinion when it is weighed down.

      I hope you still enjoy the guide.

      Best regards


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