27 climbing shoes have been re-soled on Sihlquai in Zurich for 244 years. Every day, Gecko Resoling's shoemakers breathe new life into used finches. The bouldering legend par excellence: Fred Nicole.

Climbing finches are usually not the most comfortable footwear shortly after purchase. Here and there it presses on the toes, because every foot is different. But a shoe is not a rigid construct and adapts to the shape of the foot over time. But soon the moment will come when the life of the sole is coming to an end. It would be a shame to throw away the climbing finches and buy new ones.

Climbing finches are made here every day.
Climbing finches are brought up to scratch here every day.

Resole climbing shoes is financially viable and ecological

Fortunately, climbing shoes can be re-soled without any problems. This is not only worthwhile for the reasons of comfort mentioned, but also financially. And of course it also makes sense from an ecological point of view not to throw away the footwear as a whole.

The shoemaker from Gecko Resoling are professionals in their field. They have been soling all kinds of climbing finches since 1992 and ensure a long climbing finch existence with their precise craft. The legendary Five Ten rubber Stealth C4 is used in the sole. This offers great friction with maximum durability.

And there is probably no other shoe soling service that has a more famous craftsman at the start than Gecko Resoling: The bouldering legend is part of the team Fred Nicole. So what could be cooler than getting your old climbing shoes from DEM Boulderer up to scratch? We think: nothing!

Fred Nicole in Gecko Resoling's shoe studio in Zurich.
Fred Nicole in Gecko Resoling's shoe studio in Zurich.

Save yourself the postage and get a resoling sack

To save you the postage for shipping, Gecko Resoling has already produced prepaid bags. You can find these bags in the Partner halls from Gecko Resoling or in the LACRUX office in St. Gallen. Put your climbing shoes in the sack and take them to the post office. A few days later, the shoes are freshly soled at your home.

Of course, you can also simply pack the shoes in a box and together with the filled one Registration Form send. In this case, you bear the postage for shipping. The workshop will pay the shipping costs for the newly soled shoes to your home.

The easiest way to get new soles: the resoling sack.

That's how much the new soles of climbing finches at Gecko Resoling cost

Sole with half sole69 CHF
Sole with half sole including a point79 CHF
Sole with half sole incl. Two tips89 CHF
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