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The perfect rubber compound: This is how climbing shoe soles are made

To keep your feet on the wall, you need climbing shoes with a solid sole. And there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. We took a closer look at the black material and show you how shoe manufacturers come up with the perfect rubber compound.

When do climbing shoes with downturn make sense?

Once you have found a suitable climbing finch, you won't give it up anytime soon. But with more training, progress and new areas of application, the demands on the shoe also change. When is the right time for another climbing finch? The range from softer models to more aggressive climbing finches with more pre-tension and downturn is varied. 

Climbing finches of the competition athletes: La Sportiva Solution Comp

The Climbing Shoe Solution Comp by La Sportiva is fully geared towards indoor climbing and competition style.

Red Chili Puzzle: A climbing shoe for children and teenagers

The new climbing shoe Puzzle from Red Chili is designed entirely for the feet of children and young people. Introducing the shoe. The...

Unparallel climbing shoes put to the test

We put three models from the climbing shoe manufacturer Unparallel through their paces for you. To do this, we climbed the plastic and drove to Switzerland's sunniest area, Ticino. The focus was on the Flagship, Lyra and Leopard II models.

Flagship: new climbing shoe from Unparallel in the test

The American climbing shoe manufacturer Unparallel is launching its new model, Flagship, a shoe for ambitious climbers. We tested the shoe for you. What, you've never heard of Unparallel? Find out more here.

How to look after your climbing equipment: tips and tricks

Metal, nylon, polyamide. Climbing equipment consists of materials that all have different areas of application and care requirements. Here you will find an overview of how to properly care for your climbing rope, harness, climbing shoes, carabiners, helmet and belay devices. So you have more fun with your equipment and can climb with it longer.

Perfect for indoor climbing: The Solution Comp from La Sportiva

La Sportiva has developed a new wonder weapon for indoor climbing: the Solution Comp climbing shoe. The shoe is available in women's and men's models.



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