The Polish climber Piotr Schab, who already booked two 9a in Santa Linya at the beginning of the month, got himself two more 9a chunks a few days ago - in a single day: Fuck the System and Selecció anal.

The 20-year-old Wild Country athlete is really strong. Not just red dot. He has already achieved two 8b routes and one 8c route onsight. In Santa Linya, Piotr seems to have let off steam. For two days he has been making nasty little holes and strips on the overhanging lime rollers in Margalef. We are keeping an eye on Piotr and are excited to see what else he will do during his stay in Spain.

Sympathetic young talent Piotr Schab

For all the Piotr (actually Piotrekt) do not know so well, we recommend this video portrait of the likeable young talent. For English subtitles, just click on the CC icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

Credits: picture © Pablo Benedito


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