The International Climbing Association IFSC lurches from scandal to scandal. The association has already been confronted with allegations of sexism twice. Why did the exact same incident occur a second time? Is the IFSC finally drawing lessons from the matter? We put these and other questions to the IFSC - and received an interesting answer.

In the most recent broadcast of BETA on Action Talk TV we dealt, among other things, with the buttocks scandal of the IFSC. How can it be that the repeated time - and even with the same affected person - zoomed in on the back of an athlete for seconds, even though she IFSC officially apologized for such an incident in the spring and promised improvement?

What is being done to ensure that this does not happen a third time? What does the professional climber say Solveig Korherr, Guest speaker BETA broadcast, about the incident?

The IFSC on the Po scandal

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Credits: Cover picture Giorgio Perottino / IFSC

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