Our sport made its debut at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In the women’s category, Janja Garnbret won after an impressive performance in the bouldering and lead disciplines. What makes the Slovenian so dominant? Why is she much stronger than her opponents? Reel Rock went on a search for clues.

30 World Cup victories, 6 gold medals at world championships, 1 gold medal at the Olympic Games. Janja Garnbret is in a class of her own. Route setters usually screw routes in such a way that the majority of the participants can even begin to climb them and pepper them with key points here and there.

But route setters are faced with a dilemma among the world's top women: they screw it up for the majority of the participants, so flashes Janja all boulders and topping the route (almost) guaranteed. If you screw on the level of Janja Garnbret, the other finalists usually have no chance.

Why is the 22-year-old so dominant? Is she just an exceptional talent? Or does she train better and harder than others? Reel Rock explores the question in the following video.

Janja Garnbret - in a class of its own

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Credits: Cover picture Reel Rock