Edelrid calls the owners of HMS Bulletproof Triple and HMS Bulletproof Triple FG carabiners to check the snap rivets of their carabiners. Affected are the products with the lot numbers 01 / 2018 and 02 / 2018.


Edelrid has found a carabiner with a defect on the snapper. The defect is a snap rivet that has not been riveted and could fall out in use. The affected carbine is a HMS Bulletproof Triple FG. An investigation into the incident found that there may be more carabiners of this type with a similar defect in the market.

For the sake of customer safety has become Edelrid determined to make a call for security clearance. The owners of HMS Bulletproof Triple and HMS Bulletproof Triple FG are called upon to check if the rivets on their karabiners are completely riveted.

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Affected carabiners must be withdrawn from use immediately and sent back to Edelrid for a free exchange.

How to test the affected carabiners

EDELRID HMS Bulletproof Triple / Triple FG

The call for verification affects the batches 2018 01 and 2018 02 of the two carabiner models:


1. Check the batch number

The lot number is located on the outside of the closed karabiner bar.

2. Checking the riveting

Check if the rivet has been riveted at the snap joint. The rivet must have a head on one side and be flattened on the other side.

Shipping to:
Edelrid GmbH & Co. KG
Achener way 66
88316 Isny ​​in the Allgäu

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