Samuel Ometz from western Switzerland manages to freely climb a multi-pitch route that he set up near Fionnay. The Sauve qui pleut route is one of the most difficult MSL routes in Switzerland.

It is very modest Samuel Ometzwhen he announces the celebration of Sauve qui pleut. No "sickest route i'v ever climbed", no "hardest line ever", but:

It was quite a project to drill, clean and free climb the route and I'm happy with the result.

Samuel Ometz

The 270 meter long and steep multi-pitch route is divided into nine pitches, most of which are in the seventh French degree. Samuel carefully rates the third, heavily overhanging pitch with 8c / + (max). This makes the route one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in Switzerland.

When setting up the route, Michael Kimber, Fabian Borter, Katherine Choong, Andy Winterleitner and Werner Luneau supported.

An even more difficult variation is still open

A look at the topo and in conversation with LACRUX, Samuel reveals another detail about the route: To the left of the freely traveled line there is still a project.

I really wanted to climb the steepest part of the overhang. But I couldn't make several moves and looked for an easier way.

Samuel Ometz

In the end, Samuel freely took this “easier way” and rated it 8c / +. According to Samuel, the line to the left is probably possible, but very difficult. In addition, it is difficult to plan a pitch that will be at the end of the entire tour.

I'm leaving the project of the left pitch on hold for the moment. This pitch is probably more difficult than 9a, if it can be climbed at all.

Samuel Ometz

Topo of the multi-pitch route Sauve qui pleut

Topo of the multi-pitch route Sauve qui pleut near Fionnay by Samuel Ometz_klettern

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Credits: Images by Samuel Ometz