The two climbers from western Switzerland, Samuel Ometz and Dylan Chuat, score highly on the 9a routes Baba Yaga and Coup de grâce, respectively.

The south of Switzerland has attracted numerous climbers in recent weeks. Among them were the two French-speaking Swiss Samuel Ometz and Dylan Chuat.

Samuel Ometz was drawn to the Val Bavona, where new bouldering and climbing lines spring up almost every week. Many of them were from Ticino Giuliano Cameroni first ascended. This also applies to the 10-meter-long edge climbing on the route Baba Yaga (9a), which Giuliano opened at the end of 2020. A few days ago, Samuel Ometz succeeded in repeating the route for the first time.

Samuel Ometz inspecting Baba Yaga

Dylan Chuat came, saw, won

The young climber Dylan Chuat was also successful. He only had one thing on his mind: the Ticino classic Coup de grace red dot to climb. When he arrived in Ticino, however, he was faced with several problems. On the one hand, the conditions were anything but ideal and, on the other hand, he lacked a backup partner. Spontaneously jumped into the gap Melissa Le Nevéwho was also in Ticino.

It was extremely hot and the wind wasn't blowing. But I just wanted to score the route and gave absolutely everything.

Dylan Chuat
Dylan Chuat climbs Coup de grâce (9a). (Photo Fedir Samoilov)

When Dylan got on the route, he was pretty sure he wouldn't fall at the first key point. And that's how it happened. For the first time ever he managed this heavy move and he climbed the rest of the route without falling to the diverter.

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Credits: Cover picture Fedir Samoilov