The American Chuck Odette completes his long-term project and climbs the route T-Rex (8c) in the Maple Canyon rotpunkt. It's the most difficult route so far for the 64-year-old.

He wanted to know again. Two years ago summed up Chuck the decision to get on the route T-Rex to bite and want to climb this red dot. Said and done. Around 100 attempts and several sessions in the grotto Pipedream the American invested in order to fulfill his dream on September 9, 2020.

For me, T-Rex has always been the absolute dream line at Pipedream. It is super overhanging and runs around 20 meters completely in the roof.

Chuck Odette on the T-Rex sport climbing route

Chuck Odette began climbing in the 170s, climbing over 8 routes in the eighth French grade. Over a dozen tours are 8b + routes. Despite the solid climbing performance so far, the most recent ascent of the 64c route T-Rex is extremely impressive when you consider that Chuck Odette is already XNUMX years old.

The fact that the T-Rex route has been partially downgraded to 8b + by younger climbers in recent years, commented Chuck Odette as follows:

I know that some strong climbers have started to devalue the route. Compared to my previous 8b + routes, however, T-Rex feels a lot more difficult. But of course, I've also gotten significantly older. However, the evaluation of a route is of course subjective and almost a religion.

Chuck Odette on the evaluation of T-Rex

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Credits: Pictures Eric Steiner

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