The highest climbing wall in the world has recently appeared in Denmark's capital Copenhagen: the total climbing length of the routes is 80 meters.

The new waste incineration plant in Copenhagen is in itself an architectural highlight. Thanks to the collaboration of the architects, local authorities and the climbing wall manufacturer Walltopia, the futuristic building now also offers an extraordinary challenge for the urban population.

The climbing wall of the Copenhill Project offers five routes of four pitches each. (Picture Walltopia)

Motivated climbers can test their endurance on a total of five multi-pitch routes. Due to the exceptional height of the climbing wall, the routes are divided into individual rope lengths of approximately 20 meters and provided with stands, analogous to alpine climbing routes.

The stands are designed so that you can secure them comfortably. However, we have deliberately avoided using platforms that are too comfortable so that the climbers do not linger too long on the platforms. They are modeled on alpine routes.

Vasil Sharlanov from Walltopia
The climbing wall is architecturally ideally integrated into the facade. (Photo Walltoptia)

Stainless steel, plexi and fiberglass in use

Due to the special climatic challenges as well as the architectural requirements, Walltopia had to resort to materials such as Plexiglas and fiberglass more often than usual. For the main construction of the 1 square meter wall, 200 tons of steel and 55 tons of fiberglass were used.

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