Spanish climber Edu Marin sets up one of the toughest multi-pitch rides in China's Getu, perhaps the world's largest roof. In the following video he introduces the project called Valhalla.

In early March, Edu Marin traveled to China with his brother Alex. They brought with them several hundred bolts, carabiners, ropes, and other hardware. All in all, her luggage weighed 200 kilograms. Edu explains the reason for the elaborate journey: "We've been dreaming for years of this adventure. We're going to open the longest and most impressive roof in the world. "

Edu Marin and his brother Alex announce the project

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Finish with drill

Just a few days after arriving at the airport, the two start setting up the route. Setting up such a long and totally overhanging route is no picnic, as the following video shows.

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250 meter pure roof climbing

A few days ago it was time. Edu announces that he and his brothers have set up the entire route. The route covers a total of 380 meters, 250 of which run in the overhanging roof of the giant cave at Getu. Several pitches are in difficulty 8c, 8c +. A length, so Edu muses, will probably lie with 9a. Edu proudly states: "I am very happy to have bolted this monster, a beautiful line, with a unique style, fun, futuristic, with quality rock and extreme difficulties. It's a crazy 3D-climb and of course extremely physical. "But enough talk. Here is the video.

Video about the most difficult multi-pitch route in perhaps the largest roof in the world

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Credits: Cover picture Esteban Lahoz


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