In the following video, Frenchman Sébastien Bouin climbs three mystical routes that his compatriot Fred Rouhling first climbed around 25 years ago.

With the routes Akira, Hugh or De L'Autre Côté du Ciel war Fred Rouhling ahead of its time. Dynamic trains, steep roofs and crazy sequences of movements were his profession. Fred Rouhling took it to extremes in the heavily overhanging roof of De L'Autre Côté du Ciel. Since there were hardly any handles on the roof, Fred made artificial handles and holes and created a spectacular route.

Such dynamic and wide trains in steep terrain. That was unknown at the time and something completely new.

Visited today, around a quarter of a century later Seb Bouin these - in some cases unrepeatable - routes and bring them back to life. And he is deeply impressed by the vision of his compatriot Fred Rouhling.

Vintage Rock Tour - Seb Bouin visits Rouhling classics

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Credits: Cover picture Julien Nadires