Air traffic in the high alpine region of Switzerland has always been a highly controversial topic. A decision taken four years ago by the Federal Council is now called into question by a ruling of the Federal Administrative Court. Will it soon be possible to enrich other mountain landing sites?

In a new ruling, the Federal Administrative Court reverses what the Swiss government decided in 2014. At that time it was decided to delete two mountain landing sites and to maintain the remaining 40 landing sites. The affected communities of the two painted landing sites filed a complaint against the decision. In its judgment, the Federal Administrative Court does not directly condone the two municipalities, but questions the decision of the Federal Council itself.

Decision criteria are deficient

The Federal Administrative Court states in its recent ruling that the criteria leading to the decision in 2014 were inadequate. They would not consider whether mountain aviation affected national protected areas. The Federal Council would have had to seek an opinion from the Federal Nature and Homeland Security Commission (ENHK) for its decision, which it did not do.

20 more mountain landing sites would have to be tested

If it goes by the ruling of the Federal Administrative Court 20 further landing sites would have to be reassessed on the basis of an opinion of the ENHK. The Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) is now considering challenging this ruling, as a spokesman says to the Tagesanzeiger. Whether or not there is a reassessment of the mountain landing sites is not yet clear.

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