Swiss television accompanied the SAC expedition team on the final expedition in 2016 in China and in the third season of “Hoch Hinaus” shows breathtaking mountain landscapes, great stories and people who go to the limit.

The SAC launched the training course for the SAC expedition team for the second time in the winter 2013 / 14. After a three-stage selection 5 participants were determined. Again, lead guide Denis Burdet was there again and accompanied the expedition team during the training and on the expedition to China. Schweizer Fernsehen accompanied the team on numerous adventures, including during the final expedition.

The SAC expedition team

Lukas Hinterberger from the SAC expedition team
Lukas Hinterberger, September 24.09.1993th, XNUMX, SAC Säntis


Novel by Schulthess of the SAC Expedition Team
Roman von Schulthess, October 15.10.1994, XNUMX, SAC St. Gallen


Nicolas Hojac from the SAC Expedition Team
Nicolas Hojac, July 13.07.1992, XNUMX, SAC Bern


Sebastian Briw from the SAC Expedition Team
Sebastian Briw, November 02.11.1994nd, XNUMX, SAC Monte Rosa Visp


Sébastien Monney of the SAC Expedition Team
Sébastien Monney, May 06.05.1994, XNUMX, CAS Moléson


Denis Burdet, head of the SAC expedition team
Denis Burdet, head of the SAC expedition team

Shipments on expedition in China on SRF 2

You can find it on the SRF website already broadcasted programs, The seasons of the squadrons on the China Expedition are as follows:

  • Season 1 (6 episodes), Wednesday, 18. January from 20.10 clock
  • Season 2 (4 episodes), Thursday, 19. January from 20.10 clock
  • Season 3 (8 episodes), Wednesday, 25. January and Thursday, 26. January from 20.10 clock

Experience report by Lukas Hinterberger

If you do not want to wait until the broadcasts on Swiss television, you can turn to the report by Lukas Hinterberger in writing. The Report is here.


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