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Climbing area Lungern closed - future uncertain

The popular central Swiss climbing garden in Lungern remains closed. If the municipal administration has its way, climbing in Lungern will forever be a thing of the past. Co-developers of the area and the Swiss Alpine Club SAC do not simply want to accept this and are looking for solutions together.

Does the renovation of Oliana even make sense? | Interview with Chris Frick

Ever since a major fire swept across Oliana in the summer of 2022, things have gone quiet around the world-famous climbing area. A handful of locals and die-hard climbers take on the Herculean task of returning the once world-class climbing area to its former glory. Is that even possible? We spoke to Chris Frick about Oliana's lengthy restoration.

Species protection vs climbing: Badener Wand is threatened with complete closure

The Battert in the northwest of the Black Forest is a popular climbing area, many traditional routes are located here on the Badener Wand. In order to protect the peregrine falcon's nesting sites there, the regional council in Karlsruhe is planning to close the wall for climbers. The Alpine Club and the Black Forest Club are opposed to this and are demanding a compromise

Video: Adam Ondra and Stefano Ghisolfi project together in Arco

Adam Ondra recently visited Stefano Ghisolfi at his home in Arco. In the Italian climbing Mecca, the two not only climbed the Lama route Trofeo dell'Ardriatico, recently climbed by Gabriele Morini, but also tried to decipher new lines together.

In Olympic fever: This is how speed climbing works

In anticipation of the Olympics, we are approaching the discipline of speed climbing in a self-experiment in the 12th edition of the BETA program and challenge you to a duel: Who can beat our best time? The top five win a pair of Unparallel climbing shoes of their choice.

The Lorüns climbing area is threatened - petition launched

The two professional climbers Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher have launched a petition to save the Lorüns climbing area. The area is located on the property of Steinbruch Lorüns GmbH.

Video: William Bosi commits the 9b + route King Capella

At the end of March, the Scotsman William Bosi managed the first ascent of the King Capella (9b +) route. This video shows his first ascent.

The Céüse sport climbing area has been saved

Céüse will not be blocked! The project of the European Space Agency ESA described in the broadcast of April 1st is fictitious.



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