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The dispute over the ban on climbing on Battert becomes a case for the judiciary

The dispute over the ban on climbing on the Badener Wand in the Battert climbing area will definitely end up in court.

Kim Marschner and Jan Hojer end their competitive careers

For many years, Kim Marschner and Jan Hoyer successfully competed in national and international competitions as members of the DAV squad. Not anymore. The two climbers announced the end of their careers for the 2023 season.

Depression in Fatal Accidents | Mountain accident statistics 2021

The mountain accident statistics of the German Alpine Association continue a pleasing trend for 2021: Accidents and emergencies among DAV members have fallen by a quarter compared to the previous year and have thus reached a new low. One of the most common causes of accidents was falling while hiking.

What is the German team's recipe for success? Ingo Filzwieser in an interview

How did the performance of the German climbing team improve significantly compared to the previous year? We spoke to Ingo Filzwieser.

First aid in the mountains | 5 tips for emergency situations

Emergencies in the mountains can affect anyone. We have put together five important first aid tips for you.

DAV and Rother Bergverlag publish 100 guides | for free

Together with Rother Bergverlag, the German Alpine Club has digitized more than 100 Alpine Club guides with a total of 45.000 pages. Probably the most famous reference works in the Eastern Alps are now available for download free of charge.

Alexander Megos and Jan Hojer's first days in Tokyo

The climbing sport celebrates its Olympic premiere in Tokyo. Alexander Megos and Jan Hojer compete for the German team. That was how her first days in Japan went.

Alex Megos: 9c is not the limit in climbing

In a short film by the German Alpine Club, Alex Megos talks about his passion for climbing and his ambitions on rocks and plastic.