Together with Rother Bergverlag, the German Alpine Club has digitized more than 100 Alpine Club guides with a total of 45.000 pages. Probably the most famous reference works in the Eastern Alps are now available for download free of charge.

For more than 70 years, the Alpine Club guides have been indispensable guides for all those interested in the mountains. This is also emphasized by Klaus Wolfsperger, the head of the Rother Bergverlag: “For many decades the Alpine Club guides have been the ultimate reference works for hikers, mountaineers and climbers. This abundance of information on a particular mountain range, written as handy and clear compendia - has never existed and does not exist a second time. For this reason, the AV guides are rightly valued by alpinists to this day. " 

"We are very happy to now be able to make this treasure of alpine guide literature accessible to all mountain fans online."

Andreas Kaiser, Deputy Head of Culture at the German Alpine Association DAV

The mountain community also sees it this way: "There is no more comprehensive reference work on the Eastern Alps than the Alpine Club Guide published by Bergverlag Rother," enthuses Michael Pause, mountain book author and long-time presenter of the BR mountain climbing program Bergauf-Bergab. "All information relevant to mountaineers can be found here: about valleys, peaks and huts, paths and climbing routes, flora, fauna and geology - and about the history of the area!"

Rother Alpine Club Guide available digitally

The library of the German Alpine Club has now taken the 70th anniversary as an opportunity to publish 120 issues of the Alpine Club Guide in cooperation with the Rother Bergverlag to put online. From the Ammergau to the Zillertal Alps, all titles are arranged alphabetically according to Alpine regions and hiking areas - for reading and browsing.

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Credits: picture and text German Alpine Club DAV