Keyword: Mixed climbing

Martin Feistl: “The most difficult thing was attaching the fuses or accepting that there are none.”

The two alpinists Simon Gietl and Martin Feistl climb a huge line on the Sassolungo north face with Aura (1200m, M6, AI6).

Grip and warm hands when ice climbing: The Punisher Glove by Black Diamond

Anyone who climbs usually relies on first-class equipment: perfectly fitting shoes, safety equipment with the highest standards and practical clothing. It seems as if only our bare hands can withstand the climbing purism. But even this last bastion falls if the climbing trips are in the direction of ice and mixed - because nothing works without gloves.

Video: Nicolas Hojac, Stephan Siegrist and Lukas Hinterberger in Patagonia

Nicolas Hojac, Stephan Siegrist and Lukas Hinterberger climbed the northeast face of Cerro Cachet at the end of 2019 on a varied and demanding mixed climbing route with a difficulty of M7 +. Mammut is now publishing a video about the team's Patagonia trip.

Robert Jasper: Insights into the world of dry tooling

The makers of Actiontalk accompanied the German alpinist Robert Jasper to the place where he wrote climbing history several times.

Yannick Glatthard succeeds onsightbegehung the mixed-route Saphira M15

In preparation for the Ice Climbing World Cup in Denver, Colorado, Yannick Glatthard drove to Vail to go climbing one last time. In the area of ​​The...