Nicolas Hojac, Stephan Siegrist and Lukas Hinterberger climbed the northeast face of Cerro Cachet at the end of 2019 on a varied and challenging mixed climbing route with a difficulty of M7 +. Mammut is now publishing a video about the team's Patagonia trip.

The three Swiss mountaineers spent a little more than a month in Patagonia, where they managed a first ascent on Cerro Cachet and Cerro Palomar as well as a repetition on Cerro Largo. The following video accompanies the three on their expedition and shows the ups and downs of their stay in Patagonia.

Film about the three Swiss alpinists' expedition to Patagonia

Facts about the expedition from Nicolas Hojac, Stephan Siegrist and Lukas Hinterberger

Period: 3.11. until December 15.12.2019th, XNUMX

Participants: Stephan Siegrist (48) Nicolas Hojac (27) Luke Hinterberger (26), Tobias Hatje (55)

Cerro Cachet northeast wall: approx. 2.700 m, difficulty M7 +, 1500 m ascent from Nef Glacier varied, demanding mixed climbing route (first ascent)

Cerro Largo: 2.799 m, 23 km ascent over the Nef Glacier, 2500 m ascent from BC with ice climbing passage on the ice mushroom. 2. Ascent 

Cerro Palomar: around 1800 m of challenging trekking mountain / panoramic mountain (first ascent)

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Credits: Cover picture Nicolas Hojac