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Niky Ceria's silent hunt for Sardinian kinglines

Join the quiet explorer and bouldering specialist Niky Ceria as he discovers new high-end boulders in Sardinia.

Niccolò Ceria unstoppable: Boulder La Révolutionnaire (8c +) committed

Once again, the Italian bouldering professional Niccolò Ceria can announce the inspection of an extremely difficult line. In mid-March he gets the fourth repetition of the Fontainbleau classic La Révolutionnaire (8c +).

Bouldering at the Blausee: rock like in a science fiction film

Italian Niky Ceria recently paid a visit to the Blausee bouldering area, accompanied by Mathieu Achermann from climbing hold manufacturer Flathold. A film was made about...

Niky Ceria in top form: Boulder Gioia (8c +) committed

Niccolò Ceria announces again the ascent of an extremely difficult line. This time he succeeded in the legendary boulder Gioia (8c +) in Varazze.

Niky Ceria boulders Ephyra (8c +) in Chironico

The Italian Niky Ceria climbs one of the most difficult boulders in Switzerland: Ephyra (8c +) in Schattental, Chironico.